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The New Mexico International Business Accelerator is a non-profit funded by the state of New Mexico to help New Mexico businesses conduct international trade. We can help businesses through the entire process, from exploring foreign markets for their products/services to connecting with foreign buyers or suppliers to understanding any related laws in the foreign market, to ensure the client’s goods or services get to their supplier or customer across the border. We also serve as the state’s expert on international trade and the border with Mexico. We provide elected officials and policy makers across the state with information related to international trade and border issues.

Current Topics

Trade Leads


Doing Business in Mexico

Helpful links for analyzing the business climate and market potential in Mexico

Global Market Research

Links for conducting global market research. For specific products or in-depth market analysis, please contact an IBA business consultant

International Financing

Links for researching international financing


Links to research importing


Links to information to assist you in exporting


Trade Leads

The IBA gathers trade leads from our clients and international partners to provide business opportunities for New Mexicans

Trade Data

The IBA collects and organizes trade data from our federal and business partners to help guide New Mexican policymakers and business decisions

Other IBA Services

The IBA can also provide import/export counseling, international finance counseling, and public outreach

Inputs List

The Supplier to the Supplier Program seeks to connect New Mexican businesses to other New Mexican businesses that are located on New Mexico’s border with Mexico and are supplying large Mexican manufacturers. This allows more New Mexican businesses to take advantage of New Mexico’s trade with Mexico.


The IBA has a collection of webinars covering different aspects of international trade


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